These days, applying and getting accepted into college is more complicated than ever. Long before your student’s admission to a perfect fit college, students and parents carefully plan every step of the way. Apex College Advising is here to provide a highly personal and professional approach to helping your family make the right decision about college.

Navigating the path to college admission can be time-consuming and overwhelming for students and parents. Apex College Advising, serving the communities of North San Diego County, can streamline your college search and applications. We’re here to minimize worry and stress as we guide you towards admission to your ideal college. 


About us

Apex College Advising in Carlsbad, California was established by Caleb Fitzpatrick to help students and families from all economic and cultural backgrounds pursue their dreams of higher education. Caleb believes expert pre-college counseling services should be accessible and affordable for all families.

Caleb has over 20 years of professional experience working in financial services and education. He has been a teacher and a school counselor. It was while serving as a high school counselor that he developed a genuine passion for helping students and parents navigate the college search and admission processes.



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To ensure that our services are the right fit for your needs, there is no charge for your initial consultation interview. To make an appointment, please call us at (760)979-8767 or complete the form below.

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