Choosing Colleges


During the college search process, it’s important to set realistic goals based on your academic profile and ability to meet the cost of attendance. Admission to the top schools is extremely competitive. That’s why we believe it’s best to approach your college search with an open mind and willingness to explore a broad range of possibilities.

Getting accepted is a huge first step, but getting through college and graduating is the ultimate goal. There are hundreds of outstanding colleges out there — capable of fulfilling your wishes for a great education and college experience. Apex will help you identify schools where you will fit in well, and have your best chance at success! 



Applying To Colleges

With Apex as your advisor, students and parents have access to a full menu of college planning, selection and application services, plus the flexibility of choosing an hourly or a flat rate package fee. Apex College Advising specializes in:

  • Evaluating academic records and backgrounds

  • Conducting assessments to help identify each student’s unique interests, goals, skills, and ideal learning environments

  • Providing guidance with high school curriculum and extracurricular activities

  • Referrals to our partner test prep companies if needed and assistance with registering for SAT/ACT and AP Tests

  • Provide assistance with essay preparation and editing

  • Gap Year Advice and Resources

  • Preparing an action plan and timeline for the college search and application process

  • Researching schools and preparing a college list, which includes both “target” and “reach” “likely” and “wildcard” schools

  • Assisting with organizing school visits, orientations and/or interviews

  • Providing guidance on completing FAFSA and CSS profiles and how to apply for financial aid

  • Identifying and applying for available academic scholarships

  • Evaluating award letters and offers of admission

  • Transitioning to College Resources and Advice


Accepting and paying for college

Not all college offers of acceptance are the same. Colleges typically offer different types of financial aid including merit, need-based, and self-help such as work study.  Every college makes a determination of your ability to pay based on their own formula, and how badly they want your student at their campus. Apex will help unravel the financial aid offers and your obligations for each acceptance, so you can make an informed decision about your student’s future.